Our Story

Becoming better — a better ally, a better leader, a better man — is where it started.

Ray Arata, Ed Gurowitz, and Dale Thomas Vaughn came together to form the Inclusionary Leadership Group to bring their vision of healthy masculinity as a transformative force in the corporate space. Their efforts grew from client workshops engaging leaders in allyship to include the first Better Man Conference in 2016 San Francisco was the inaugural event and aspirational force that has grown into what is now the Better Man Leadership Group.

Over five years the Better Man Leadership Group has grown from consulting and conferences to hosting more than ten Better Man Conference events, in California, New York, New Jersey with client partners Hearst Magazines, Moody’s, Unilever, and more. When the COVID pandemic brought the world to a halt, we pivoted to virtual events and weekly “Getting Real” calls to hold space and reflect on the events impacting us all in so many ways. Despite dissension and disconnection, we were able to bring thought leaders from the US/EU/UK together to share lived experiences and model what is possible through empathy, vulnerability, and accountability to more than 23 countries.

The Better Man Leadership Group consists of 5 founding partners — Ray Arata, Robert Beaven, Kriz Bell, Eg Gurowitz, PhD and Jon Levitt — who bring more than 25,000 hours over twenty-plus years of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice work with a focus on engaging men. It is our honor and privilege to join professionals on their journey to make workplaces equitable and inclusive spaces where everyone can enjoy limitless success.

Through our programs and services, we have established a successful track record for guiding the development of more inclusive, supportive leaders, managers, and colleagues to show up as advocates and allies who use their power and privilege to transform corporate culture.

Better Man Leadership takes the fears and misconceptions surrounding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, involvement, and leverages them into creating sustainable change. By utilizing the expertise and experiences of men who understand and relate to the perpetuation of “man box” thinking, we help to engage the historical majority at the individual level to create allies-in-training.

Our Mission

The mission of the Better Man Movement is to create heart-based leadership and to promote inclusion. This requires nuanced non-violent communication and intentional systems to proactively include everyone regardless of gender, age, sexuality, ability, education, or race. The goal of inclusion is to meet people where they are, allowing us to help them achieve their fullest potential.

Our Values

Better Man Leadership focuses on men as allies and advocates for DEI, at both the individual and group levels. We offer comprehensive training, consulting, and support for companies that are committed to and incorporating DEI, wherever they are on their journey. Our work is custom-designed for each company’s unique needs and situation, which leads to more sustainable organizational change.