Tools for Allies and Advocates

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Helping you move your company forward by engaging the overrepresented and underutilized majority – men.

  • Better Man Experience — A variety of virtual experiences designed to promote personal insights and connection through town halls, panels, fireside chats and AMA).
  • Coaching — Intentional change through insights that become commitments to action.
  • Speaking — Better Man Leadership contributors deliver insightful and relevant keynote speeches that will inspire audiences to action.
  • Consulting — Our consultants work with your organization to create and deliver custom designed engagements that transform culture.
  • Training — Our intersectional approach to leadership engages men in inclusion in ways that expand experiences of belonging for everyone.


With more than 25,000 hours of facilitating men’s personal growth, the Better Man team has successfully translated their experiences toward the growing allies and developing leaders. 

  • We approach men as multidimensional.
  • We target senior leadership and the middle managers they mentor.
  • We tackle the underlying issues that the men in an organization are facing.
  • We bring tools and expertise to create an inclusive culture driven by connection, collaboration and belonging.