Insight and awareness are necessary, but not sufficient tools for change. True change comes when insights become commitments to action. Those same commitments are the foundation that supports the client in becoming a more inclusive leader. The same changes translate to shifts in organizational culture.

We believe that what a coach sees and hears may not be welcome or comfortable, but it will always be honest and objective. Better Man Leadership coaches concentrate on the specific barriers many white men bring to being fully inclusive leaders in their organizations. The Better Man Leadership approach involves exposing and recognizing unconscious biases and the impacts of privilege and power. Better Man Leadership coaching is action-oriented and based on more than 100K hours of men’s work.

When the client is in action, the coach has three roles:

  • Reflecting on and encouraging client successes. 
  • Support and mentorship through fumbles and failures.
  • Guidance in cleaning up unintended impacts.

Better Man Leadership coaches have successfully coached men at every level, from CEOs to front-line managers. 

Our coaches stand for your success, with the expectation that you:

  • Are actively committed to the coaching relationship.
  • Will communicate and translate insights into action.
  • Can commit to measurable outcomes.
  • Bring an openness to hearing hard truths and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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