Our Approach

The Better Man Movement approach to leadership is intersectional and with an emphasis on inclusion. Our process requires nuanced non-violent communication and intentional systems to proactively include everyone regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or ability. The goal of inclusion is to engage every single person to their fullest potential — to create a true culture of belonging built around each individual’s contribution to the team and ultimately to the organization.

Our unique focus is on the business value of creating a full partnership between people through awareness and opening doorways to multiple intersectional conversations and points for connection.

Often approaches to diversity and inclusion have focused on equity (actions and treatment of others) and equality (equal rights, treatment, etc.). Partnership goes beyond equity and equality, confronting and removing personal and organizational barriers, allowing for the creation of powerful synergies by leveraging the various competencies of people involved.

Journey to Allyship

We take an intersectional approach to allyship by tackling the issues underlying the diversity, equity and inclusion problems that organizations face. By targeting senior leadership and the middle managers they mentor and direct, we bring the tools required to create an inclusive culture that cultivates connection, collaboration and belonging. By meeting people, most often male identified, where they are, our process allows change to occur.

Our tailored approach establishes what’s true about inter-group relations in order to create a foundation for the creativity, connection, and collaboration required to stimulate organizational change, professional growth, and business results.

In the pre-program assessment we interview a strategic cross-section of participants, and use an AI driven company-wide survey to gather data on the state of interaction and engagement in the organization.

Half and Full-day workshops guide participants from wherever they are in their journey, moving through individual and actionable takeaways with interactive exercises and commitments to action.

In a final report, we provide executive leadership with an anonymized summary of key findings from the interviews along with recommendations on how best to move forward.

Success is contextual. Individual as the issues underlying the need for culture change.

Goals are defined on a case by case basis, with specific success metrics defined in parallel with engagement and success metrics. We include AI driven tools that help us to identify and determine levels of engagement and effort through teams.

Our programs launch from a gender binary, to focus on male identified individuals, and move out to an intersectional approach that includes a range of people and experiences that reflects goals and priorities.

Challenges include orgs that don’t know where to start, we conduct an audit and develop / recommend programming to fit the need of the organization and specific goals.

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