Bobby Bakshi

Contributing associate | Speaker | Author

Bobby Bakshi is a leadership development and learning professional.  Bobby’s personal mission is founded on his believing in the incredible power of oneness.  He does this by meeting people where they are, inspiring them for what can be and challenging them to have it all, toward the betterment of all.

Bobby brings over a decade of work toward increasing awareness to the importance of healthy masculinity, and men taking responsibility for taking action toward inclusion for all.  Having led many men’s experiential workshops and groups, Bobby practices his mission in all areas of his life and work.  He co-created the first ManKind Project (MKP) New Warrior Training Adventure to India and is active with a new MKP sub-community for Asian and Middle Eastern men to explore belonging and the impact of internalized oppression.

Having worked at leading technology and professional services companies, Bobby brings his blend of leadership development practices, with a global perspective, to meet many people and employee engagement challenges.  He works with a range of stakeholders from the C-Suite and early career stage employees.

Bobby is the author of “The 101% You” and speaker on how to bring your whole self to work, centered on discovering your purpose and mission.  His coaching practice focuses on helping people identifying, owning and integrating all parts of themselves so they may thrive.