Brandon Barnett, PhD

Contributing associate | Speaker | Market Sensing & Analytics, Data Center and AI group, Intel

Brandon is a corporate strategy leader with 25 years experience in the tech industry developing and implementing business, technology, and innovation strategies. He currently leads the Market Sensing & Analytics team within Intel’s Data Center and AI group. He a technologist (Senior Principal Engineer) combining technology and business theory and pioneering the development and implementation of strategy analytics – a complexity-based analytics methodology to understand strategic implications of technology inflections and market dynamics. 

Brandon speaks on strategy analytics internally (e.g. LearningFest, CareerZone, Technologists Webcasts) and his work has been featured in Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal Live, The Washington Post, GigaOm, and the Venture Capital Journal. Brandon has advised Congressional Research Service and Homeland Security panels to adapt strategy analytics to the country’s most complex challenges. He was the industry representative to the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) commercialization advisory council and is an advisor to the HI Systems Science Conference. He sits on the Intel Labs’ Corporate Research and Technology Strategic Long Range Plan Advisory Councils, and sponsors academic research in “emergent properties of business ecosystems”. He is a co-founder of Si-based genetic sequencing startup Northshore Biosciences.

Brandon holds a PhD in Applied Physics with a specialty in all-optical computing and complex systems. He holds Master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA. He has been issued nineteen patents and has co-authored twelve publications. Brandon is the cross-site lead for the Intel Disability and Accessibility Network’s Caregivers of People with Disabilities community and is a member of the Intel Disability Leadership Council.

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