Nita Baum

Contributing associate | Speaker | Founder, b*free

Nita Baum founded b*free in 2013 to transform Workplaces to HealingSpaces where work adds to, rather than detracts from wellbeing for ALL people, equitably and inclusively. b*free partners with purpose-driven clients — nonprofits, B-corps & philanthropies — to co-create equitable workplaces that embody & center humanity & holistic wellbeing. Our multi-disciplinary approach draws on our embodied experience + praxis across disciplines from culture transformation to neuroscience, storytelling and psychosomatic healing. Being an aunt to a niece and two nephews and a caregiver to two dying parents have been among the most transformative experiences of Nita’s life. She’s Founding Board Chair of Solar Responders, which equips first responder stations in Puerto Rico with renewable energy and is a Native New Yorker, avid yogi and plays the harmonium. She has a Bachelors in Pre-Med & Art History from Columbia University and an MBA from GW School of Business.

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