Bartosz Ciepluch

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Bartosz Ciepluch (born in 1982), is Vice President of Intel Datacenter Group. He is also General Manager of Datacenter Group in Poland with over 1000 employees in 2021 focused on R&D in datacenter, connectivity, networking, artificial intelligence, storage and memory and others high-end technologies.

Before joining Intel Bartosz used to be a Head of Technology Center of Nokia in Wroclaw (around 4000 employees in 2020 mainly R&D) and board of member of Nokia Solution and Networks Sp. z o. o. legal entity of Nokia in Poland. He graduated from Technical University of Lodz (thesis was prepared in co-operation with University of Seville in Spain) getting the title of Master of Science. He graduated also from Economical University of Wroclaw where he specialized in Management of Small and Medium companies.

He is the first Pole and the youngest manager who was heading Wroclaw Technology Center of Nokia (2nd largest in Nokia’s R&D network). At the same time, he is responsible for R&D team (approximately size of 650 people) located in Poland, China, Finland, France, Romania and India whose focus is on Quality Assurance and R&D Program Management of one of Nokia’s product – Single RAN. Indicated product is dedicated for telecommunication operators and is used by over 250 customers around the word.

Bartosz Ciepluch has started his career in 2006 when he joined Siemens team during his studies. SW Developer was his first position in the company. After two years he started his management path of career and started to be R&D Manager for SW Development team consisting of around 15 people. Shortly after (in 2009) he has accepted business critical Program Management positions in Quality Assurance department. This has given him much better overview of business run by company and exposure to higher management. In 2012 he was promoted to Senior Manager (manager of managers) of Quality Assurance department which was responsible for verification of 3G base station solution (around 200 people located in Poland, China and Philippines). In beginning of 2013 he was taking on top responsibility of Heading Technology Center in Wroclaw. That time center was having around 1500 people and focus mainly on SW development and quality assurance of radio solution provided by company. In 2017 on top of Quality Assurance role was added heading Program Management office responsibility (size around of 50 people). Team which was responsible for running SW R&D programs and mainly delivering commitment according to roadmaps.

As the Head of Technology Center of Nokia in Wroclaw he introduced many of innovative solutions mainly from perspective of competence development, retention, funds gathering and innovation management. Many of ideas implemented in Wroclaw were later propagated to other Technology Centers around the world.

Bartosz’s work was recognize internally by receiving Nokia CEO special reward for location development of Technology Center of Wroclaw in 2017 and externally by receiving rewards of Men of the 2014 year of portal and Manager of the year 2016 of portal. Additionally, in 2018 Puls Biznesu (business magazine) recognized Follow the blue rabbit as one of most innovative recruitment campaigns and one of competence development program for leaders which were prepared by Technology Center of Nokia in Wroclaw.

Bartosz focuses his efforts to establish world-class leadership practices, strong diversity & inclusion initiatives, and an expanded technical pipeline. He actively participates in site growth planning, expanded community and academic relationships, implementing cross-group efficiencies, as well as leveraging Poland’s regional location to best support Intel Customers.

Privately Bartosz is happy husband and father of three lovely daughters. In his free time, he enjoys Speedway, squash and reading business books.

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