Eldra Jackson III

Contributing associate

Personal growth pioneer, leader, group facilitator, and published writer, speaker Eldra Jackson III is high impact and emotionally resonant, inspiring deep self-reflection in audiences and priming them for change.

Imprisoned for 24 years, Eldra is skilled at working with deeply divided individuals and groups. He gained that experience “on the inside” where after a race riot he joined a circle dedicated to challenging the destructive racial prejudice driving the violence in their lives. Today, Eldra is a strategic partner of The Trium Group and Co-Executive Director of Inside Circle, an organization that exists to empower system-impacted people to reduce recidivism and violence in all forms.

Drawing on his rich personal history, Eldra skillfully speaks on topics like racism, toxic masculinity, criminal justice reform, cultivating emotional intelligence, personal transformation, trauma, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and the secrets to open, generative dialogue. In high demand, Eldra has recently been featured at Wisdom 2.0 and the US Soccer Federation, and his TedTalk presented at TEDWomen 2018 has had over 1.6 million views. He is also featured in the award-winning documentary, The Work, which depicts the flagship program of his non-profit, Inside Circle, and regularly leads screenings and dialogue around the issues raised in the film.

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