Jon Levitt

Co-Founder of Better Man Leadership | Workshop Facilitator | Founder, JSA Business Development, LLC

Jon has facilitated workshops and forums for 20 years including Opening the Hearts of Men, the Warrior in the Workplace, Grace and Miracles, and as volunteer staff on numerous Mankind Project trainings, workshops and activities. Jon served at Merrill Lynch for 10 years where he was licensed and registered principal overseeing tax, brokerage and operations groups. In 2007, Jon opened his own consulting firm, JSA Business Development, LLC.

Jon has served as Interim Executive Director, Finance Director and now is leading the Development department to build a robust and virtuous member relations program.

A Certified NWTA Co-Leader, Jon is involved in many MKP committees and continues his personal mission to inspire passionate service to humanity through affirmation, compassion, courage, enthusiasm, fierceness and grace. He lives with his wife and two children in rural New Jersey.

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