Luke Manton

Contributing associate

When Luke Manton was diagnosed with Adult Onset Tourettes Syndrome, he thought his career was over. Unable to continue in the client facing management role he was in, he set out to find work. Rock bottom came in March 2020, after a string of unsuccessful interviews, one of which was booked for an hour and lasted only four minutes without Luke being asked a single question. Luke felt so helpless that he felt suicide was his only option, luckily he was unsuccessful. A year later, Luke now runs a successful virtual assistant business, has a popular LinkedIn series “Ticced Off” that he uses to educate the corporate world on Tourettes Syndrome, the first episode racking up over 50,000 views. 

Luke is going to share his journey of self-acceptance and finding a sense of belonging. How he is using Tourettes to empower others to embrace their differences and how you can look past your own unconscious biases and assumptions to be more accepting of not only others but yourself and see your differences as strengths.

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